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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NAUGHTON BRAUN Exquisite Fine Pearl Jewelry at Affordable Prices

My great grandmother, my grandma, my Mom, my Auntie, my sister & myself, we are all pearl loving gals!  We always have been, and always will be!  We don't store our pearl jewelry away for special occasions.  We believe everyday is special and you can dress up and dress down your pearls to make them compliment any and every outfit, even a pair of jeans and simple white blouse or teeshirt!

And with Mother's Day right around the corner, what an ideal time of year to surprise your Mom, or the Mom figure in your life with an exquisite new pearl necklace, pearl bracelet or dazzling pair of pearl earrings!  The gift of pearls is classic, ageless, timeless and believe me, will last them a lifetime!  I actually have a pair of pearl earrings that belonged to my grandmother, she wore them for decades and now I am enjoying them.  Pearls are classic heirloom jewelry pieces that you can be sure will be passed down from generation to generation.  They are the gift that you give now that will keep on giving for years, decades, centuries to come! 

To make it simple and easy for you to find the perfect gift this Mother's Day,  I am going to introduce you to one of the finest pearl jewelry companies I have discovered.  Not only is the quality of their pearl jewelry pieces exceptional, very fine quality pearl jewelry, but the prices are very affordable.  The wide range of pearl jewelry items will amaze you and the price points way below what you would expect to pay for pearl jewelry of this couture caliber.  NAUGHTON BRAUN is a must stop and shop online pearl jewelry company whose products stand out from the ordinary and offers pearl jewelry that is extraordinary.  Let me introduce them to you:

NOTE:  There is always FREE SHIPPING when you purchase from Naughton Braun!  Also, your precious pearl jewelry pieces will always arrive in a luxurious soft velvet storage pouch for safe keeping free of charge!  Wow!  

And, this is an amazing offer:  From now till Mother's Day use my special code LOVEtheSavings for 20% off store-wide!!  And after Mother's day you may use code  O2CN0FE0CPNP for 15% off store-wide!!  

Pearl Jewelry Luxury for Less

Naughton Braun is a freshwater pearl jewelry company that not only sells exquisite jewelry (design on a dime!) but also works for empower Women at every stage of the design, development, production, import, distribution, and marketing processes. We have a proprietary relationship with a pearl family where we are able to reliably obtain the finest in freshwater pearls, many of which are not typically available in the US market.

Examples of atypical pearls we offer include the extra-large Keshi pearls (Peachtree Street) or the exceptional biawas found in the Annapolis.

Since Naughton Braun handles all the steps typically associated in the jewelry industry with a myriad of middlemen, our prices are considerably lower and the quality considerably higher! In addition, we highly recommend that customers obtain an independent gemologist report for appraisal purposes. Every one of our customers who has done that has reported back that the appraisal values are 40-100% higher than what they paid for the piece. This is why we say that we offer "affordable luxury".

We also feature Edison pearls (like in the Captiva Earrings) which are a relative newcomer in the pearl realm and not widely available. Most of the ~20 or so US/Canadian based pearl companies primarily offer single or multi-strand freshwater or akoya pearls, while Naughton Braun has opted to pursue a different course, showcasing their real pearls with semi-precious gems and stones in trendsetting combinations: “reimagined classics”.  While we love and still occasionally wear our Grandmother’s pearls, we have opted to go beyond the classic high school photo pearls and offer Women understated elegance with styles that will themselves also become classics.

We currently only offer jewelry for Women but sell both retail (to you and me with free shipping and a complementary velvet storage pouch) as well as wholesale (to boutiques, bridal salons, shops). We offer two different brands; Naughton Braun and Naughton Braun Bespoke. The Naughton Braun Collection is sub-divided into three overlapping categories with jewelry selections suited for Every Day, Any Evening, or Beautifully Bridal. The Bespoke Collection is based on designs that were created for individuals and were slightly modified from the original design so that they could be offered to all.

All of our designs are based on current jewelry trends or recent runway exhibitions and we take pride in the fact that we design every detail of the jewelry and that each piece is handcrafted by skilled Women artisans which then undergo two quality assurance checks before shipment. Most of our pieces feature hand-knotted silk in complementary or contrasting colors for additional visual impact. As mentioned previously, we utilize a network of Women and they take pride that they can empower Women artisans and that idea of empowering Women is an important part of their philosophy. They even work with Women owned non-profits occasionally and design pieces that support the non-profit! In addition, all of our jewelry is named after places. The inspiration comes from our travel pic board of places they have been, or from Instagram (@Naughton Braun) or from their Dreamin Places Pinterest board of places that they hope to visit one day. The Naughton Braun new beginnings Pinterest board showcases our pearl jewelry interspersed with the places that they were named after, so that you can capture for yourself the essence and inspiration behind the jewelry. When we name a piece of jewelry we share a memory or ethereal feeling through that name and description of every piece, thereby imparting a feeling; a connection.


Now that you have had a chance to learn all about Naughton Braun and what an outstanding company they are, let me delve right into my review!  Naughton Braun graciously sent me the unique and glamorous Andora Pearl and Stone Necklace for review.  This splendid necklace is so remarkable, a work of wearable art in my opinion.  While it is elegant and sophisticated, don't be fooled!  You can wear it with everything!  It can be worn to add a touch of distinction to the most simple of outfits, like a pair of jeans and a crisp white blouse, or it can worn as a finishing touch to your more dressier outfits, like a cute little black dress!  This necklace is so versatile you won't want to keep it stored away for very long.  It has fast become my favorite "go to" accessory to add that touch is pizzazz to  just about all my outfits!  And, you will never get tired of all the compliments you receive from wearing it, everyone notices it!  Friends and complete strangers have stopped to admire and compliment me on it!  What an easy way and fun way to build up my confidence!  Here are the details about the Andora Necklace:

Price:  $260
SKU:  #10001


Sport your sprezzatura as you languor on the sandy beaches of the warm and inviting Ligurian Sea in this triple strand silver and black freshwater pearl and semi-precious stone necklace. Riviera ready.


  • Triple strand silver and black colored round freshwater pearls 7-9mm, rice pearls 9-11mm, jade beads, amethyst beads, & gold glass accent beads
  • Hand-knotted on dark gray silk
  • Rare earth mixed metal magnetic clasp
  • 18” in length (princess length)

NOTE:  Perfect imperfections; blemishes, shadows and circlés which appear on NB pearls are not to be considered flaws, but inherent properties which enhance their artistic allure. NB pearls are natural products so sizes and color may vary slightly.


What a first class, 5 Star first impression!  This is what receiving a special package from Naughton Braun looks like:

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

When I opened the box and saw what extra care they had taken to ensure the necklace arrived to me in perfect condition, it was a memorable moment.  I knew when I took apart the tissue and wrapping something extraordinary was inside.  The personalized attention was much more than I expected and made the entire experience so joyful!

When I opened everything up this is what was there:

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

To behold this divine Andora pearl necklace up front and close up is undescribable!  It is one of the most stunning, truly gorgeous pearl necklaces I have ever laid my eyes on!  The shimmer and shine of each breathtaking color of pearl and stones is fascinating and alluring!  You will be dazzled by the beauty of each pearl, of each stone and how together they form the most couture, splendid piece of exquisite jewelry imaginable!

With each piece of Naughton Braun jewelry you purchase or receive as a gift will arrive to you housed in a soft Naughton Braun branded jewelry pouch like this one:

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

I was so thrilled to see that Naughton Braun made sure that I would always be able to store my precious necklace somewhere safe and protected when not in use.  I know for sure that other pearl jewelry companies do not ship their jewelry in soft protective pouches, they offer them for sale, but do not include them.  Another excellent reason to shop with Naughton Braun for all your fine jewelry needs.

I also get a warm and friendly feeling from Naughton Braun because they went above and beyond to include a message to me thanking me for "purchasing" from them which tells me how important I am to them.  Please refer to the picture below:

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

Now that you have had a sneak peak at what you can expect when you purchase something from Naughton Braun, and hopefully you have concluded what I have, that they are a far superior pearl jewelry company than some others out in the marketplace, next I want to get into the specific of how state-of-the-art their jewelry really is!

This is the magnificent Andora pearl necklace that is accented with elegant fine quality stones:

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

Depending on your computer monitor and its color calibration, I am not sure you can see the contrast of all the delightful dazzling colors of this necklace, but I can assure you it is eye candy at its finest!  Every single attention to detail that you can imagine has been taken when they designed and created this masterpiece!  I cannot express enough how meticulously hand-crafted this necklace is!

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

Each pearl and stone has been arranged in such an order as to visually please and draw you in to the delightful design of the necklace.  No two pearls or stones are alike, so you will be mesmerized and enchanted with each one!  What I love most about this necklace, in its entirety, is that it is ageless and timeless, a woman of any age will appreciate it for the regal piece that it is, and they will treasure it always!  It has a contemporary vibe to it, but maintains that classic elegance that one thinks of when dreaming of a pearl necklace.  Also, this Andora Necklace will become a family heirloom, the quality is that fine!  It is a piece of jewelry that one will want to hand down from generation to generation, and with its exceptional craftsmanship, the necklace will hold up for years and years, decades and decades!

And, check out the expertly designed clasp!  Not only is it magnetized so you can easily put on and take off the necklace without any effort, but isn't the clasp super sleek!

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

I almost want to turn the necklace to show off this wonderfully constructed clasp!  And, of course I did just that!  A few times I have worn the necklace slightly turned so the clasp was visible.  And sure enough, it was noticed and I did receive several very positive comments about it and girlfriends wanted to know how it worked.  They are so enamored with this necklace.

I have commented about how irresistibly gorgeous the Andora Necklace is, and how expertly put together and durable it is, and how you can literally wear it everyday if you want with all your outfits, and last but not least I want to mention the value, the unbelievable value in terms of price this necklace is.  The Andora Necklace, as well as all the couture pieces at Naughton Braun are so affordable and priced way below what you would expect to pay for pearl jewelry of this caliber.  The price points will delight and amaze you!  This Mother's Day consider treating your Mom, or any Mom you know, to a piece of pearl jewelry that is sure to surprise and delight them beyond any words can express.

{Photo by Joanna Smith}

You can browse around the Naughton Braun website by CLICKING HERE to see the abundant selection of breathtaking and superior pearl jewelry!  Whether you are purchasing a piece as a gift or treating yourself to a new piece of jewelry, there is the perfect design waiting there just for you to discover!


Create a free account with Naughton Braun.  No hassle, no commitment, just a way to be rewarded with special discounts and a way for you to keep up to date on products, special offers, news, etc.  HERE

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This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received Andora Pearl Necklace outlined in this review from Naughton Braun for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Naughton Braun in any manner.

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