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Friday, August 12, 2016

REVIEW: TIZIANA TERENZI Fragrances and Candles

If you are one who enjoys the finer things in life, then you are going to want to discover the luxurious, couture fragrances and candles created by Tiziana Terenzi.  For those who live in Italy, the exceptional fragrances and candles from Tiziana Terenzi are well known, but perhaps for those of us in America, not so much.  So it is with such happiness and excitement that I introduce to you the magnificent Tiziana Terenzi line of products.  I will be able to tell you about  three of Tiziana Terenzi best selling body fragrances and two of their best selling candles, all of which are so extraordinary and superior than any I have experienced before.  So far over the top in terms of being high end, 5-Star, First Class and Remarkable, that I wish I could invent new adjectives to describe something that is beyond perfection, beyond extraordinary, beyond superlative, you get the idea.

With the holidays almost here you are going to want to consider purchasing some of Tiziana Terenzi products, especially for those family and friends who are difficult to purchase for, we all have some of those on our gift lists.   Many of the scents from Tiziana Terenzi are unisex, and I cannot express enough how impressive and off the charts sensational the products are, sure to wow and surprise all those on your gift giving lists.  

Let me introduce Tiziana Terenzi to you:

{Adapted from the Tiziana Terenzi Website}

The Story of a Passion - The Terenzi family has ancient origins dating back to the Roman days of the tales of Horace. The surname derives from Tres enses (three swords), and fades back in time into the cradle of civilisation. We can just mention here the Latin playwright Publius Terentius Afer, and the traces of our family in 15th century Rimini, with the nobleman Gabriele Terenzi, lover of art and alchemy, who died around 1450. A race of leaders, explorers, artists and - above all - inventors.

Guglielmo, who truly embodied the spirit of the inventor and the artist, was a cavalry officer who loved everything that was beautiful and harmonious. He played the drums and wrote poetry, also devoting his time to philosophy and the search for the aesthetics of beauty. Alongside him throughout his long life, his wife Luigia (Bigia) - a strong, practical woman who indulged her husband's interests with discretion while at the same time guaranteeing stability and solidity for the idealistic dreams of a man who met princes and kings during his military career. Luigia decided to channel her husband's talents, and set up a little artisan laboratory in a small room of the big family home; the first brick in what would become a tale of over 40 years, passed down to the current day, generation by generation. Guglielmo had always loved perfumes, especially colognes; he created his own personal collection of them, using natural essences from his beloved land. His love of music and syncopated rhythm always seeped into his creations like an author's signature.

He taught his son, Evelino, the art of olfactory harmony and the techniques of well-balanced tension, borrowing the language of the senses from the world of music. Evelino inherited his father's love of music - he plays the clarinet; and he tries out new paths with great inventiveness, fascinated by mechanics and progress. A true inventor, able to transform the family business into a haven of surprises, where even today visitors are charmed by a place that seems magical. The machinery in use was invented and produced by Evelino himself. The little artisan workshop gradually grew bigger, increasingly epitomising the character of Evelino. The bricks and floors, and every nook and cranny of the premises, are still seeped in his spirit and scent.

An olfactory memory that guides his children, Tiziana and Paolo, in their ongoing search for a colossal new challenge amid the work carried out by their predecessors. Tiziana and Paolo share everything, uniting their skills in a blend that could probably never have emerged from one person alone. The family bond holds them firmly together, just as the oak sinks its roots into the ground, providing the fruit of knowledge for generations living beyond time. The music of their forebears still plays in their hearts, and the journey is always towards the sea. Even today, the focus is still on unique creations, natural and valued raw materials, and painstaking attention to detail, because every single creation that leaves the premises is a child of this family; it speaks of men and women who've knowingly encompassed the “absolute” in a spot of perfume, and “life” in a “spot of wax”.


Tiziana Terenzi's warm fragrances are for women and men, brilliantly unisex.  They are designed to emulate the aromatic facade of slow burning flames of candles, glorious fire. These perfumes create a personal mystique and enchanting charm that is unique at any occasion your journey in life takes you on. Tiziana Terenzi specializes in original blends that cater to physiological benefits, which include relaxing revitalization, stimulating invigoration and bringing out your sensual nature. Each dynamic fragrance is the product of precise calculations to maximize the spectrum of advantages.  I cannot think of a better time than at the peak of the holiday season to fill your home and adorn yourself with beautiful, heavenly smelling fragrances.  The fragrances and candles from Tiziana Teremzi are divine, so fascinating to inhale they will leave you mesmerized with pure joy.  The feeling of peace, tranquility, calm, sensuality, exhilaration, mystique are just some of the feelings these fragrances evoked in me.  It is difficult to portray a fragrance without actually smelling it for yourself, but I am going to try my very best to capture the essence of each scent so you can visual what I experienced.


extrait de parfum

TOP NOTE:  Bergamot, Fir, Ember, Sand

MIDDLE NOTE:  Rose, Patchouli, Black Pepper

BASE NOTE:  Oudh, Amber, Sandlewood, Musk, Honey


Barefoot amidst the charm and mystery of Fire in a desert camp.  The warm sensual notes of a strange night in the wilderness; the soothing spicy fragrance; the evocative power of roses; and the ancestral and reassuring perfume of honey; all of them celebrated in the power of the flame.  The fragrance completely embodies this spirit of infinite, mystery and freedom.  The precious notes of natural Oud provide the intensity and fear found in the darkest nights.


This is a sophisticated, robust fragrance that is earthy and alluring at the same time.  A highly pleasant scent for both men and women.  I would say it is a little woodsy, a touch flowery, and evokes a whole lot of animal magnetism!  A very enticing sensual scent for sure.  I am extremely fond of this triumphant fragrance.

extrait de parfum

TOP NOTE:  Bergamot, Cut Grass, Ylang ylang, Water Jasmine

MIDDLE NOTE:  Lilum, Violet leaves, Damask rose, Pear nectar, Heliotrope blanc, Peach

BASE NOTE:  Coconut powder, Amber, Vanilla, Cashmere, Ebony, Tonka bean, Powdered sugar


We met Andromeda for the first time, wrapped in his infinite beauty, by following a trail of bright, fascinating stars, while trekking on the Sibillini Mountains.  Every year these silent mountains host a ritual that can almost be described as supernatural:  the flowering process, which intoxicates the air with scents and colors.  On summer nights, at the spartan bivouac by a crackling campfire, your gaze will sweep through the red embers of the fire, taking your soul with it, soaring high into the vast sky full of twinkling stars.  Almost by magic, this ethereal, white essence, just like the sunny afternoons we experience, half-way between reality and imagination, produces sweet, light scents, with top notes of passion fruit and cassis, rendered persistent and long-lasting thanks to the intensity of melilotus flower, lily and narcissus.


An extremely enchanting fragrance that captivates your senses and indulges your mind.  It is irresistible to everyone around you!  A sultry, intense fragrance that will surely mesmerize you and those who are in your presence.  It emanates absolute serenity!  I am so enamored with this scent.

extrait de parfum

TOP NOTE:  Green leaves, Fresh ice, Oxygen

MIDDLE NOTE:  Chinese jasmine, Fern, White amber

BASE NOTE:  Sandlewood, Amber, Musk


The silence of the snow; its dazzling white brought alive and sparkling by the flickering flames.  The good, clean fragrance is simple and silvery, like the carefree laughter of a child, and as innocent and gentle as a loving caress.  The crisp clean air, the energizing fresh smell of snow, the intoxicating oxygen, and the dampened smell of fire on ice, all in the glow of the first light of dawn.  This fragrance embodies the unique power and beauty of nature, crystal clear in our eyes, hearts, and our most intimate olfactory memories.


This fragrance has an incandescent freshness and clean scent.  Imagine inhaling the purest of country air on a cold winter day.  That is what it smells like.  Very pleasing, very radiant, a feeling of splendor comes over you when you breathe it in.




This stop of the journey was Nepal, in search of a more intimate and solitary spirituality in an ancient capital renowned for its marvellous, mystical, higher state of being. A country where history, civilisation, and myths intertwine, Nepal places the traveller in cosmic time, perfect for exploring the soul and discovering one’s innermost self. Lillipur is a spectacular agglomeration of temples. Standing out among them is the incredibly beautiful Golden Temple. Here, in every corner, huge braziers burn with incense to aid meditation. Lillipur is considered one of the most spiritual places on Earth! This trip was the inspiration for this perfume; in a precious gold bottle, it is filled with the transcendent spirit of the place. This perfume represents the Mystical Fire of the soul and profound understanding. The perfume expresses itself slowly to the wearer, i.e. the traveller; it accompanies them all day long in an intimate sensory experience, one which is continually unfolding. Every inward breath of the perfume is a step closer to one’s true self.


Tiziana Terenzi candles are elite, so expertly crafted and meticulously rendered!  These illustrious candles are enlivening and meditatively therapeutic. I had the candle burning for a couple of hours, and barely made a dent in the formulation.  It is going to last me a very long time. A superior candle from any I have ever used before.  The Lillipur scent is my very favorite of them all, it is addicting to breathe in, you cannot get enough of it!  It is exotic, it's sweet, it is sexy, it is explosive, I am so in love with it!  You light the candle and in minutes the entire room is filled with this epic aroma that lasts for hours!  It will put you in a pleasure frenzy for sure.



The other stop on this wonderful journey is in Tuscany: the perhaps less romantic and less well-known hills and valleys of Maremma. Tough and strong, just like the men and women who live there; regal and proud as the horses that gallop tirelessly across its landscape; it is a place for camping in the pristine wilderness alongside the Buttero and their amazing horses. The term Buttero refers to Maremma’s horseback herders. The name comes from the Greek bo├║toros (= oxen herder). Taken broadly, this term could be considered the Italian equivalent to the American Cowboy. This complex and multi-faceted perfume exudes the power of this place. Filled with fruity and floral notes native to the Maremma landscape together with strong leather and wood tones makes this perfume incredibly long lasting. Its black bottle contains all the charm of this wild and fascinating land, one of the least well-known corners of Italy, yet one brimming with wonders.


I cannot portray enough how blissful these candles are.  They are by far the most outstanding candles I have had the pleasure to experience.  They have set the bar very high for any I use in the future!  This is my second favorite of all the scents I have been experiencing.  It is dramatic, is a conduit for positive energy.  It is brimming with delightful aromas that stimulate your mind and soul.  I think it is absolutely amazing!

This concludes my review.

Tiziana Terenzi offers a wide range of fragrances and candles and gorgeous, stunning containers to house these ultra luxurious fragrances.  You can discover so much more than this review can possibly depict by visiting HERE.

Disclosure: I received the Tiziana Terenzi products outlined in this review from Tiziana Terenzi for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Tiziana Terenzi in any manner.

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