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Thursday, October 8, 2015


The colder weather is here and indeed the change of seasons has transpired.  I look forward to each new season, it is a chance for fresh starts, new beginnings, and an exciting time to reinvent yourself in many aspects.  One of the ways I enjoy changing things up is with the fragrance that I wear.  I never want to be predictable.  I always want to be evolving as woman, with the clothes I wear, with the looks I create with makeup, the style of my hair and with the scent that I wear.  

So, it is with such delight that I tell you about a beautiful, very feminine and alluring fragrance from Thierry Mugler.  ANGEL is one of Mugler's iconic, classic scents.  If you love the notes of bergamot, tropical fruits, vanilla, caramel and patchouli, then you are going to immediately fall under the spell of this seductive ANGEL Eau de Parfum Spray - SHOOTING STAR!


ANGEL Eau de Parfum Spray - SHOOTING STAR is a very sexy, luscious, decadent scent.  If you want to get in touch with the seductress that exists within yourself, then this is a must have fragrance!  You will attract those around you with this irresistible scent and mesmerize them with the splendor of delicious facets that are in this captivating scent.  Here are the details about it:

ANGEL Eau de Parfum Spray - Shooting Star

Price:  $80-$120
Available in Refillable .8 oz. and 1.7 oz. Sizes 


Tiny yet immense… Near yet distant… The ANGEL Star appears to be carved out from the sky. Crystallizing everyone’s dreams, ANGEL Thierry Mugler is a glamorous fragrance for the woman who is half-angelic and half-devilish. Captured in a faceted gem sculpted like a diamond star, ANGEL perfume for women is the ultimate secret of absolute seduction. ANGEL perfume… the first blue fragrance, the first “Gourmand” fragrance, the first star shaped fragrance…. Thierry Mugler ANGEL perfume is refillable for life at the ANGEL perfume Source or with refill bottles and ANGEL eco-refills! 

Born of the vast imagination of Thierry Mugler, ANGEL is designed to embrace all facets of a multidimensional woman. Sensations of serenity, unbridled joy and sophisticated sensuality delight her and make her seem absolutely edible. ANGEL’s addictive quality is not only in its mouthwatering aromas. It is also in the way that the ANGEL woman feels. She revels in all of her emotions, letting dreams and fantasies come alive. 


Celestial Facet:  
A wisp of fresh air. It is both ethereal and transparent-a heavenly evocation. 

Delicious Facet:  Delightful aromas evoke the innocent pleasures of childhood and images of decadent treats.

Voluptuous Facet:  Captivating oriental notes unleash the mystery and sensual essence of a woman. 


Each ANGEL bottle is a hand-polished work of art that combines sparkles of light and the magic of sculpted glass. Due to the unique creation process, no two bottles are alike, making each star a cherished object for the woman who owns it.

Ecological, economical and oh so chic! ANGEL bottles are made refillable so that she can keep her precious bottle forever.

You can visit the Thierry Mugler ANGEL website to see all the many varieties of ANGEL that are available such as fragrances, limited editions, body products and so much more by CLICKING HERE.


Ever since I first sprayed ANGEL on myself I just can't get enough of it!  I have become addicted to it!  It is such a sultry, intense, sweet scent!  I just want to keep inhaling all the triumphant exotic facets that exude from it.  It is a fragrance that heightens your senses and allows you to let go of your inhibitions and takes you to a place where you can feel free to live out your fantasies, even if only in your mind........that is a fine place to be.

ANGEL is definitely a fragrance that invites us to escape.  An overdose of sweet and sensual notes. It is an ageless and timeless scent, any woman would love to wear it.  I really like that you spray it on, and hours later you can still smell it.  The scent is strong, but not too bold, and it lasts and lasts.  

The ANGEL SHOOTING STAR bottle is equally as impressive as the blue tinted fragrance that is housed in it.  The fragrance is blue like the sky, and the 3D star shaped bottle is breathtakingly enchanting.  I think ANGEL Eau de Parfum SHOOTING STAR is an excellent choice for self purchase, treat yourself to a new fragrance for the Winter season.  Also, it is an outstanding choice for Holiday gift giving!  We all go through the trials and tribulations of agonizing over what to get our loved ones for the Holidays.  Well look no further, imagine the look of sheer joy when your loved ones opens a stunning bottle of magnificent ANGEL Eau de Parfum.  It will make a most memorable gift.

The ANGEL fragrance comes in a wide range of scent options.  There is body lotion, shower gel, body oil, body cream, deodorant, hand cream, and so much more!  Also, limited edition bottles, bottles you can have engraved with recipients initials and exclusive online kits.  Visit the ANGEL page HERE to learn more!

This concludes my review.

Disclosure: I received ANGEL Eau de Parfum from Clarins for the purposes of this Review . This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Clarins in any manner.

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