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Monday, November 9, 2015


Ever since I first laid eyes on the display of Coolway Boots featured at the Sundance Film Festival Celebrity Gift Lounge last year, I have been a huge fan of the brand.  Initially it was a love at first sight obsession because the styles of the boots I saw were so unique, very hip and on trend.  And after I had an opportunity to try on the boots, wear them around, my obsession became so much more, I truly love this brand!  When you walk in a pair of Coolway boots, it is like walking on clouds, your feet feel so comfortable and relaxed, you literally walk with an extra bounce in your step!

Because Coolway has such a diverse selection of shoes and boots, there is definitely going to be a style that is going to fascinate you, catch your attention and captivate you.  You will have a blast discovering pairs of Coolway shoes and boots that match your own unique style.  Choosing a style of Coolway boots can be such a style altering experience.  When you browse around the Coolway website, keep the mindset that perhaps you want to reinvent yourself, think outside of your usual comfort zone, and pick out a style that is going to be the "new and improved" you.  It is fun to change things up and with the holidays quickly approaching, now is a fine time to create new and exciting looks for yourself.  Better yet, help transform the look of a loved one and consider purchasing someone you know an ultra hip pair of boots for a holiday gift.  They will be surprised and delighted that I can assure you.

Let me briefly introduce the Coolway brand to you:

{Adapted from the Coolway Website}

Born in 2003, Coolway brand represents the third generation of a family of shoemaking tradition. It was the dream of its founders who, motivated by the strength of youth, they were looking for offer new generations those shoes with that dress their feet but also convey their emotions. Guided by the enthusiasm and surrounded by years of experience, they did not hesitate to bring to market what few years later, would be one of the leading youth brands shoes in the European market. Today, Coolway travels around the world and is present in major world capitals: Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, Ibiza, Berlin, London, Milan, Barcelona or Madrid.

The Cradle Design Coolway shoes in Valencia, at the headquarters. Season after season, the creative team renews search for trends recreating a new collection that breathes each of the latest styles. Resurface every season new designs, new ideas flooding to Coolway other feelings and experiences that make the brand relive every 6 months, 2 times a year. Manufacturing, largely developed in Spain, pampers every detail in the materials and applications. The arrival of the product from factory headquarters is one of the most anticipated moments. That's when Coolway can finally shape the illusion that once was reflected in sketches and data sheets and that suddenly becomes reality.



I was given an opportunity to select a few different Coolway styles to review.  Coolway offers a huge selection of unique boots, so I mean seriously, how do I narrow it down to just a few when they are all totally awesome!  The only way I could possibly make my choices was to think strategically in terms of how can I best showcase such a remarkable brand so you can all see the very best of what is available from this brilliant company.

And so it goes, I chose a lace up style (BRING),  a contemporary western (CALIOPE), a buckle (ALIDA), a suede (AZALEA) and a military combat (MC12).  Let me mention, once my friends saw my stash, I was lucky to get out with at least one pair for myself, as everyone wanted a pair, and they did not care which one or if they fit!  It was unanimous, everyone loved them all!


NOTE:  Rather than repeat this for each pair of boots, because it is true for them all, I want to comment on the exquisite quality of the boots.  They are crafted in Spain, by expert shoemakers, and each pair is made of the finest leathers and materials, the most superior quality you can imagine and they are durable to stand the test of wear and tear and time!

Price:  $49.95
Available in 4 Colors:  BLACK, BROWN, CUE and BUR


I received the BRING Coolway boots in the color Black.   I selected this boot because of its "Colorado Mountain" hiking boot vibe.  When I look at the style of these boots, it reminds me of spending a day hiking through mountain trails in Colorado.  They are hip and so down to earth cool!  I absolutely love all the design elements of this low rise boot.  I think this style is versatile enough to wear on breezy Fall days or super cold Winter days.  I also think it will work well with jeans and leggings, or even a cute skirt with tights. I have already styled it with a pair of black leggings and a long tan tunic and denim jacket. 

 The boots came with solid black shoe laces and the two-tone brown laces you see that I have chosen to use.  You can mix and match the laces together or apart as I have done.

These boots are soooo comfortable and feel like a dream on my feet.

Price:  $99.95
Available In:  BLACK, BROWN and CUE


I received the CALIOPE Coolway Boots in the color Brown.  I selected this style because of its "Texas Roadhouse" vibe.  If you want to put a western edge to your look, these are the boots for you!  They have removable leather and chain embellishments, however, I choose to leave the leather straps on as I believe that is what makes this boot so appealing.  When you put on these low rise boots, they feel amazing on your feet, super comfy, and you will want to do a little foot stomping dancing because your feet will feel so happy wearing them.

Price: $119.95
Available In:  BLACK and DBR


I chose the ALIDA Coolway boots in the color Black.  This seasons hottest boots are all about buckles!  These ALIDA Boots are Coolways current best sellers.  I can certainly see why, they are unbelievably off the chart awesome!  They are a little edgy, a little bit rock and roll, a little bit biker, and a whole lot of cool!  I have been wearing these with all my skinny jeans and black leggings, and I don't want to take them off my feet!  They are ultra comfortable, the ultimate in a fashion forward pair of boots that is also blissful to walk in.  I love the high back of the boots, and the lower dip on the front side of the boots.  It not only makes for an unexpected chic look, but it is a great way to make your legs appear more slender, yes, the boots are a way to look instantly slimmer....... in my opinion!

Price:  $109.95
Available In:  BLACK and CUE


I received the MC12 Coolway Boots in the color Black.  Everyone must have at least one Military style boot in their possession this season.  I prefer the more classic military style, like these, because you can wear them with literally any type of outfit!  I've been wearing these with jeans, leggings and even skirts with tights!  From the second you put them on, they embrace your feet and you forget you are wearing boots at all.  They are very comfortable to wear and I know they are going to last me forever!

Price:  $89.95
Available In:  BLACK, BROWN and TAUPE


I received the AZALEA Coolway Boots in Brown.  The first thing that came to my mind when I first saw them was that they reminded me of an Australian brand of boots, who shall remain nameless, except this style is a more polished, sleeker version of what I was thinking of.  You catch my drift......  It took a second for my Mom, yes my Mom, to claim dibs on them.  I mention this because I want to make clear that although the young people today have embraced the Coolway brand instantly, the Coolway styles appeal to people of all ages!  You are only as old as you allow yourself to look and feel.  My Mom loves fashion, she loves to look stylish and keep up with current fashion trends, and she immediately was drawn to this delightful AZALEA boot.  I have to say these boots are one of the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever worn!  Your feet are literally hugged with soft fleece, every single part of your foot is engulfed in fleece, it is an incredible pampering feeling for your foot!
On a final note, I bought a can of suede and leather waterproof treatment and I sprayed each pair of boots with it.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that these boots will be able to endure our New York harsh winters, the frigid temps and extreme wet and snowy conditions and they will come out armed and ready to be worn season after season.  These boots are fine leather works of art that will get better and better with age!

This concludes my review.

You can visit the Coolway website directly by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this exciting brand and all the outstanding styles they have to offer both women and men!

You can Follow Coolway on Facebook HERE.

You can Follow Coolway on Twitter HERE.

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Disclosure: I received the Coolway boots outlined in this review from Coolway for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Coolway in any manner.

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