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Thursday, April 30, 2015

REVIEW: COCOBELLE Sandals and Accessories

Whooptidoo!  The warmer weather is here, finally!  Because I live in New York, this is reason to celebrate because winter was long LONG and so brutal this year!  If you are lucky and live in the warmer climates, then you can understand my excitement.  I am getting out all my summer clothes.  Sundresses, shorts, skirts, cute tops and what girl doesn't want to kick off the new season with some new shoes?!  You know what I am talking about.  Gorgeous, sexy, summer sandals to wear with all your pretty summer clothes.  I can never have enough beautiful feminine sandals to complete my outfits, and the brand Cocobelle has some of the most splendid sandals this season, I am so enamored with them!  CHIC BOHEMIAN ISLAND GLAMOUR, that is how I describe Cocobelle!!  There are so many reasons to love the Cocobelle line of women's shoes and accessories.

I love the simple yet elegant look of the styles and designs of Cocobelle Sandals.  They are understated, but you can visually see the luxury and classic ambiance that they exude. Cocobelle also designs jewelry, belts and purses that are right in line with the bohemian flair of their sandals. Intriguing, enchanting, exotic, everything you want your warm weather look to be!   If you are not familiar with the Cocobelle brand, let me briefly introduce them to you:

{Adapted from the Cocobelle Website}

We believe one must always stay true to one’s dreams. We believe simplicity is luxurious and that classic styles arise from the ancient. We like to work with organic materials and color palettes. Inspired by our travels, we work together with our friends, to create beautiful sandals and accessories. We embrace the idea that opposites attract and yin needs yang to aquire equilibrium. We hope our collection radiates balance. 


Nearly two decades again we discovered Bali and fell in love with the island – the waves, climate and food, the ceremonies and culture – and it’s proximity to thousands of other little islands. We decided to stay. A simple surf trip turned into the beginning of Cocobelle. We built our factory in a tropical garden and found people from many islands in Indonesia who chose to work with us. We have become very close with the people who produce our collections, and feel fulfilled that we provide them with a positive work experience that supports their families. 

According to legend, sandals were the first footwear ever created. Today, the sandal is undoubtedly the most versatile accessory in one’s wardrobe. Cocobelle’s Italian handmade leather sandals exude a sense of tradition and ritual, resonating a carefree look that is eternal yet contemporary. Italy is where fashion and leather craftsmanship reign. Our Italian collection embraces European tradition, with timeless styles constructed in leather that become more beautiful the more they are worn. 


I had the opportunity to select a couple of pairs of Cocobelle sandals as part of an online promotion.  I also received a couple really cool Cocobelle bracelets and a really hip clutch!   Cocobelle sandals and accessories are highly sought after and they have a very loyal cult following of wearers, so I feel very fortunate to have been given the chance to select items to start the warm summer season with. I am thrilled with my choices and adore the styles I was sent.  Here they are:


To purchase a pair you have to visit the Store Locator on the Cocobelle Designs website by CLICKING HERE.


These sandals are so dreamy!  You put them on and they are super comfortable and they look very lovely on the feet!  Usually it takes me a few times of wearing a pair of sandals before I break them in and find them comfortable.  But with these sandals, they were immediately comfortable, felt broken in, and I literally have that extra bounce in my step when I wear them because they make my feet feel so good.

Rendered using the finest leather, these handmade sandals are durable and dynamic!  They dress up a more casual outfit with the bands of shiny gold leather, and they also look awesome with my dressy outfits.  The style is super cute and I will be able to wear them all summer long with just about anything.  This is a contemporary style that has that element of class that I strive to incorporate into my daily looks.  Mixing the shiny gold with the matte camel color is brilliant, it makes for such an eye catching mix.  Women of all ages and all kinds of style preferences should add these to her summer shoe wardrobe.  They will be a first choice over and over again that is for sure!

Next I received:


To purchase a pair you have to visit the Store Locator on the Cocobelle Designs website by CLICKING HERE.


I've been to the Greek Island of Mykonos and Cocobelle picked a perfect name when they chose Mykonos for these delightful sandals.  I love a pair of strappy flat sandals and these are marvelous!  I love all the discreet design elements they offer; you slide your foot into them and they zip up the back of your ankle, how neat is that?!  They are extremely comfortable, offering lots of foot support, the leather is so soft!

Cocobelle sandals are always simply constructed yet the styles offer so much sophistication and finesse!  The style of these Mykonos sandals are really rather elementary, yet they literally spice an outfit up the moment to put them on.  No matter what Cocobelle style of sandal you wear, they are always going to be superior in quality and blissful with comfort.  Whether you want to portray a free-spirited fun and flirty look or a more sultry evocative look, Cocobelle sandals will morph and blend in with whatever vision you have for yourself.  

I also received some accessories!

Snake Wrap Bracelet

To purchase these you have to visit the Store Locator on the Cocobelle Designs website by CLICKING HERE.


I was sent these two striking and distinctive handmade bracelets.  They are super hip and fun to wear in summer weather.  They look great at the beach when you want to add a touch of jewelry to your look, but you don't want to wear your fine gold and silver jewelry.  These bracelets have that surfer girl look that looks chic at the beach, or when you are out and about with friends wearing more casual attire.

The bracelets are so beautifully crafted, meticulous and durable.  I am already enjoying wearing them and my friends have complimented me on them.  They get a big thumbs up!  I love that the snakeskin wrap bracelet matched my envelope clutch which you will learn about next!

Here are a couple of other really lovely jewelry designs from Cocobelle:

And, Everyone needs a functional clutch!

Envelope Clutch

To purchase these you have to visit the Store Locator on the Cocobelle Designs website by CLICKING HERE.


Isn't this the most ultra cool clutch ever!  From the moment I saw it, I fell in love with the robust cheerful colors, and edgy snake skin material.  It is lightweight for summer, and perfect for my iPhone or Kindle!  I am going to use it for money/credit cards and one of my devices, it is the perfect size to carry those 2 necessities! It goes so well with all my summer outfits, the colors are so festive.  It is handcrafted with the finest quality and everyone who has seen it is just as smitten with it as I am.  Depending on where you shop for this, you can opt to purchase it in a variety of beautiful colors.  The envelope style is so versatile, you can literally carry anything you want in it, I just choose to use it as a chic way to carry my iPhone and money which are two things I never leave home without.  I also recently got a Kindle so I may swap that in and out.

Whether I am hanging out on the beach, dining out or running errands, this is going to be my "go-to" clutch because it feels and looks right with casual or more dressier outfits.  Ageless, timeless, any woman would love to have this to carry her belongings in.

This concludes my review.

I am sure you all want to discover more about the Cocobelle brand!  You can visit their website by CLICKING HERE.

And, you can find them on the Social Networks!

Follow Cocobelle on Facebook by CLICKING HERE.

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Follow Cocobelle on Instagram by CLICKING HERE.

Disclosure: I received the 2 pairs of Cocobelle Sandals and the accessories outlined in this review from Cocobelle. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Cocobelle in any manner.

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