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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The Remington Triple Infusion Hair Straightener is the most innovative flat iron I have ever used!  What sets it apart from others are the 1” ceramic plates that are infused with special conditioners for 80% less frizz, 86% more shine, and 90% smoother, sleeker hair! Keratin, argan oil, and macadamia oil work the magic, nourishing your hair during one-pass straightening for fast, beautiful results. Plus, professional 455°F high heat and extra-long floating plates make styling fast and easy. 

Several times a week I want to transform my wavy, frizz prone hair into one of those sleek, ultra straight chic styles that you see in all the magazines and on many female celebrities.  I have used a variety of different flat irons in order to achieve silky smooth straight hair, but so far the Remington Triple Infusion Straightener performs above and beyond any that I have previously used.


The holidays are around the corner.  You want to look and feel glamorous throughout the season, and into the new year.  But time is going to get the best of you, because there is never going to be enough of it.  You want your hair to look like you spent an hour on it, but actually you only have 10 minutes.  Well, coming to your rescue is the Remington Triple Infusion Straightener.  Not only is it going to quickly and effectively style your hair, but it is going to triple treat it at the same time.  Now how awesome is that?  I kid you not, here are the details about it:

Price:  $39
Item No.:  S7740


  • Triple Infused Plates
  •  Extended Floating Plates 
  • 455°F Heat 
  • 30-Second Heat Up 
  • Auto Shutoff and Pouch 
  • Digital Controls 
  • Swivel Cord 

What is Triple Infusion?

Remington’s Triple Infusion gives hair a healthy, lasting shine. Keratin, argan oil, and macadamia oil are infused into the ceramic plates to transfer into hair during styling.

How does the flat iron work?

A range of conditioners combines with the frizz-fighting ceramic plates to keep hair radiant and beautiful. Plus, the high heat speeds up straightening and makes styles last.


There are so many exciting features about this Remington Triple Infusion Hair Straightener that make it a must have hair tool!  It is so easy to use, I did read the instructions before using it, but the design is intuitive, ergonomically perfect, so really anyone can use it immediately with no learning curve.

It may pack a powerful punch in terms of all the benefits that it will give your hair, but it is lightweight and effortless to use.  That's what makes it so appealing and at a price point of $39, run don't walk, and get this tool into your beauty arsenal!

It basically works like other flat irons, but with more features.  To operate is fast, like the snap of a finger!    Plug the straightener in, press and hold the ON/OFF button at the right (see below) until the device turns on and the LCD lights up.

Then you adjust the temperature using the temperature buttons, which are to the left of the ON/OFF button.  The display will flash when the unit heats up, and then glow steadily when it has reached the selected temperature.  The straightener will beep when it reaches your desired temperature.  All this takes only 15 seconds which is remarkable!

Make sure your hair is dry and free of tangles before you use this straightener.  Then divide your hair into manageable sections and clip the upper layers on top of your head, out of the way.  Work with underneath layers first.

Test the styler on a small section of your hair, then adjust the temperature up or down before styling the rest of your hair.

A few features I want to make sure to mention are:

As the straightener is heating up there will be a pulsating (flashing).  When the device is fully heated to your desired temperature, the pulsating will stop, and the correlating bars 1-3 will be displayed and the display will show the temperature.  This makes it easy to know right away that you are at the accurate temperature you want.

There is a Turbo Mode which brings the straightener temperature right up to 450 degrees and you can quickly get it there 2 seconds by holding down the "+" button.  If you want to deactivate the Turbo Mode, just hold down the "-" button and you will return to normal function mode.

There is a Temperature Lock Mode which ensures your straightener will stay at your desired temperature for the entire duration of straightening.  Too activate this you press and hold the "-" button for 2 seconds and the LCD will display the lock symbol.  To Unlock you again press and hold "-" button for 2 second and the lock symbol will disappear from the LCD and you will be back in normal function mode.

If for some reason you are rushed and forget to turn off your straightener, have no fear, the Automatic Safety Shutoff will turn the unit off after approximately one hour.

This professional flat iron as a closing lock to make the unit easier to store.  To lock the iron simply squeeze the plates together and turn the switch to the locked position.  To unlock, turn the switch to the unlock position.  I love this feature because space in the bathroom is so limited!  Also, you receive as a bonus a nifty handy Heat Protective Pouch to store your straightener in.  Love it!

My final notes are going to be around what I experienced using this exceptional Triple Infusion Straightener.  My hair is thick, coarse and tends to be frizzy.  So achieving silky smooth super straight hair is often a challenge.  And, it can take up to 1/2 hour to get it there.  With this straightener I was able to get my hair perfectly straight in 15 minutes, half the time it typically takes me.

After using this straightener, my hair was healthy and shiny in appearance!  My hair looked frizz free, totally smooth and sleek, as if I had come from my hairdresser!   The straightener boasts it offers will provide your hair with up to 10 hours of humidity protection.  Why, oh why, did I not have this over the Summer!  I really could have used this on all those humid days!  And, I want to mention how smooth the glide is.  With those triple infused plates transferring keratin, argan and macadamia oil on your hair as you use it, helps make sliding the plates along your hair so comfortable and easy.  

I highly recommend getting this straightener so you can create contemporary, stylish, fashion forward hair styles all throughout the Fall and Winter season, and especially during the holiday season.  And, at $39, consider purchasing this as a gift for someone.  Imagine their surprise when they receive the most innovative styling tool ever!

This concludes my review.

You can visit the Remington Ready website HERE to discover their wide, and I mean extremely abundant, amount of product offering.  Tools for Women and Men that are not just related to hair, but all kinds of tools to keep you looking your personal best.

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Disclosure: I received the Remington Triple Infusion Straightener from Remington for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Remington in any manner.

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