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Monday, August 22, 2016


Being the skin care junkie that I am, it is always thrilling for me to discover a skin care line that I was not aware of.  And, I enjoy using this venue to introduce my readers to skin care lines that I think stand out from what is ordinary out in the marketplace.  I can usually surmise from browsing around a brand's website and educating myself about the technical aspects that went in to formulating the products, whether or not the brand is worth more delving into.  And, that is precisely what happened when I stumbled across the Kat Burki line of skin care.  I was intrigued, so I spent time at the Kat Burki website and learned some fascinating facts about the products that led me to want to review the products and introduce them to you all.

I always think changing my skin care products at the onset of each new season is a good thing to do for my skin.  And, with the holidays quickly approaching, you will want your skin to look healthy and glowing throughout the festivities.  Why not consider Kat Burki Skin Care products, you are going to be captivated and allured once you learn more about them.  Let me introduce Kat Burki Skin Care to you:

{Adapted from the Kat Burki Website}

We are implementing the first certified Cold-Pressed, Cold-Poured and Cold-Processed method that utilizes pharmaceutically compounded formulas with transformative complexes. Processed under 120°F/49°C to ensure all vital ingredients retain maximal effectiveness, Kat Burki beauty products transcend the realm of ordinary production processes to assure paramount results are achieved. 

To further amplify our company’s momentum, the Kat Burki brand is taking innovative steps by embracing the development of Cell-Communicating Ingredients to help repair damaged skin cells and multi-platform Co-factors to aid in efficient enzyme function- All working together to fulfill the brand’s larger mission of Intelligent Formulas for Maximum Beauty.


Cold-Pressed Beauty

Kat Burki formulas come to life empowered by Cold-Pressed Oils, Cold-Poured into Complex Ingredient Decks that are then Cold-Processed as a whole under 120°F/49°C and lower temperatures. 

Cold-Pressing is a method of extraction similar to steam-distillation for essential oils. It keeps a constant temperature so the oils are not degraded and also allows skincare ingredients to maintain high antioxidant levels. Although some skincare formula bases require heating to properly set the ingredient deck, all Kat Burki oils and complex ingredient decks are Cold-Poured once they are Cold-Pressed into their base formula. As a whole the entire deck is then Cold-Processed to ensure maximal effectiveness that results in visibly improved skin. 

Kat Burki uses a Co-factoring method to ensure our formulas offer maximum results. This means that our signature active ingredients have the power to boost the potency of other ingredients carefully selected to create powerful ingredient combinations. We do not use fillers, binders, or water to create our base, instead every ingredient serves an anti-aging, skin fortifying benefit. For our Kat Burki Intelligent Formulas, we use: 



I am pleased to be able to share with you three key Kat Burki skin care products that I think will really help you to achieve healthy skin.  I have been using these 3 products for about a week now, and although I cannot predict extended use benefits, I can say they are powerfully effective, and I have been extremely pleased with how they are performing thus far.  Here are the details about them:

Price:  $44
Size:  4.4 oz.


A skin balancing gel cleanser, infused with a restorative Ocean Mineral Complex, offers an unparalleled cleansing performance with a blend of over 92 skin invigorating Ocean Minerals. Its gel texture transforms into a gentle yet effective lather dissolving makeup, impurities and excess oil without compromising the skin’s protective barrier.


I am a beauty junkie who loves to wear her makeup.  And while I strive for a natural made up look, I still use a lot of cosmetic products on my skin and eyes.  So, I am a great candidate to test out a cleanser.  And, I can tell within seconds how effective a facial cleanser performs.  I first tested out this product at night with a fully made up face.  I squeezed from the tube about two quarter size dollops.  I rubbed the gel like product in my hands and it formed a sort of foam like consistency.  I then massaged the product all over my slightly dampened face, including over and around the eyes. I waited about a minute and then began to rinse my entire face with lukewarm water, rinsing a lot to make sure I removed all the product.  I was very impressed, the product removed all my makeup!

 You can use this product both morning and nighttime, and it will gently work its magic to entirely and effectively clean your entire face.  You can use it on wet or dry skin, I personally prefer to apply it to wet or dampened skin.  Just make sure to rinse real well and you will be over the moon happy with the way it quickly removed all your makeup, including mascara!  I love this cleanser. and it smells refreshing too!

Price:  $125
Size:  0.5 oz.


Proven to energize the delicate eye area, this uniquely hydrating lightweight serum reawakens your eyes. Powered by the strengthening antioxidants of Rose Hip coupled with Vitamin C, DMAE and Retinol this fast-penetrating strengthening anti-aging formula, reduces the look of all visible signs of aging: puffiness, dark circles, uneven skin tone, dryness and fine lines. 


They call this eye care product a serum.  To me, it feels like a combination serum and eye cream.  I love its glorious light weight lotion like texture.  I need only use a couple of pumps of the product both morning and again at night in order to adequately hydrate my delicate eye area.  It is simple to apply just by tapping the product gently around entire eye area, including your eyelid.  My skin absorbs it almost instantly.  It feel marvelous on my skin and I experienced no negative side effects.

I do tend to have some eye puffiness, it is those lack of sleep nights I have.  I also have issues with the beginning of fine lines and wrinkles.  I have been using this eye serum for about a week, and I can see that the area surrounding my eyes looks smoother and less wrinkly.  I am hoping it is not just my imagination, but I feel my eyes look more alive and awake!  I can't wait to see what prolonged use of this products will do for this sensitive area to treat.  I am thrilled with the results so far.

Price:  $90
Size:  1.7 oz.


This lightweight and luxurious Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream glides onto skin and provides deep nourishment to help support natural collagen production, while brightening, smoothing and firming the skin. Strengthened with 15% Vitamin C, it calms and heals while delivering powerful benefits and protecting against free radical damage. Further boosted by skin strengthening and anti-aging wild Reishi mushrooms and an Ocean Mineral Complex, this Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream is the perfect step in any anti-aging and brightening skincare system.


I always mention this because I think it is important for sensitive skin users to know.  I have very sensitive skin.  I do experience burning, redness, discomfort and sometimes breakouts with some moisturizers.  I am pleased to say I did not have any issues whatsoever with this divine moisturizer.  If you are looking for a rich, luxurious moisturizer that is going to not only hydrate your skin, but improve the condition of it and fight the signs of aging, then this is the moisturizer for you.  You simply apply it morning and again in the evening and you will reap the benefits. You only need to apply a dime-sized amount to your face and neck and you are good to go!

If you read the description of this cream, then you can see why it might be called a miraculous cream.  I have been using it for about a week, and I am already noticing a difference in the overall tone of my skin, it appears more even.  I also see that the dullness has improved.  My skin looks generally more dewy and youthful.  I love that you only need to use a teeny tiny amount.  The cream is lightweight and non-greasy.  I can apply the cream and a few minutes later apply my foundation.  Wearing both does not feel heavy or weighed down on my skin.  I highly recommend this fabulous moisturizer.

If you are looking to change your current skin care regimen, and you want a new cutting edge innovative moisturizer, I recommend giving this product serious consideration.  If you start using it now, by the time the holidays roll around your skin will look remarkably improved.

This concludes my review.

You can visit the Kat Burki website by CLICKING HERE to learn more about this most unique brand and browse through all the sensational products they have to offer.

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Disclosure: I received the three Kat Burki skin care products outlined in this review from Kat Burki for the purposes of this review. This has no bearing on my completely honest review above and was not influenced by any type of monetary compensation. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with this product are my own and yours may differ.  I am not employed nor affiliated with Kat Burki in any manner.

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